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As many of you, we are custom-designed riders and wheel lovers.

We’ve always believed the character of a vehicle or truck was in the form and appearance that is created by a perfectly fitting wheel. No matter if it’s a high-end Silverado or an unbagged Tacoma fitting has always played the most significant factor in making the truck shine.

We quickly discovered that there was no single site to get information on wheel offsets. After hours of searching forums and the spec pages, we’d finally gotten a grasp of the measurement of offset and backspacing for wheels. The problem was that knowing the numbers won’t provide any insight into how a 20×10 tire with an ET of -25 will appear on the 2009. Ford F-150, or what the biggest wheel and tire configuration you can fit onto the front without cutting the metal or plastic.

So , how do you find the solution to this dilemma?

Explore 10,000 forums and go through pages upon pages of threads on discussion and perhaps you might be able to type the correct keywords and discover your vehicle’s characteristics that are in line with the style you prefer. With the help of God you might be able get the owner to provide the tire and wheel specs so that you can determine the offset you should order when you purchase your next tires…

In only a few seconds, you’ll be able to browse our gallery and see what your car will look like. There is no other site that allows you to search using your the vehicle and wheel specifications size, tire size, and suspension configuration to see how they compare fitting. FL Wheels Gallery FL Wheels Gallery gives an large collection of photographs of thousands of rides , with all the juicy details of offsets, diameters, dimensions, and tire specs. It is now the biggest and most sought-after fitting gallery in the world.


Our Mission

Our team will have a passion for custom cars and wheel fitting, being the most passionate leaders in the custom vehicle and truck world. This is not an occupation. We will be a source of inspiration for one another, and we will follow the enthusiast lifestyle.

Our Vision

Join the wheel fitment revolution the road to a wild LIFE adventure!

Core Values

Do your best to be a teacher.
Be open to learning.
Appreciate and Celebrate.
Be respectful, and don’t keep secrets.
Be the biggest fan of yours!